GG Podcast EP 1 pt. 2 Transcript

All right guys, so this is now onto the news segment of our podcast here. Um, so we are gonna talk about, uh, some of the latest game releases and some of the games that we’re looking for into either pre-ordering or purchasing in general. Uh, do Dallas, do you like to start us off, or KJ You wanna start off?

I don’t. Yeah, you go. So a game that I’m looking forward to is, uh, what’s that new pirate game coming out? Skulling bones. Skulling bones, Skulling bones. Looks like something I might be interested in. A lot of people are upset that it’s not true to the timeline, quite frankly. If you don’t like the timeline, maybe don’t buy the game facts.

Okay? They’re not saying that it’s authentic, they’re just saying it’s a pirate game that they’re making. They’re not going histor. , which I appreciate that. I mean, who would really wanna be out there with just what they had back then? That’s gonna be pretty, pretty boring. Yeah. I mean, torpedoes in the game, that’s gonna be cool.

They might not have had that then. But yeah. Fuck ’em. Okay. . That’s how I feel. What you all think about the game? No, I, I’m, I haven’t looked into it as much as probably Dorsey or KJ has. Um, but they’ve convinced me to attempt to buy the game, um, even though I am a college student, so I, I’ll forgot some way to get it one way or the other.

Um, but, um, yeah, I’m, I’m, I’m thoroughly, uh, excited about it. I didn’t know there was torpedoes in it. I, I think that might, might sway me to pick up the purchase and armor. And there’s armor, armor, armored boats. Oh. Um, I know some people didn’t like that you couldn’t get off the boat. , um, that you, you, you, No, I mean, just, you can just go into like an island to like, like, make purchases.

But you, you can’t, you can’t actually like go off and explore other islands care. I’m looking to shoot boats. I don’t care if I can roam an island. I’m there to shoot boats. So, so do I’m, I’m asking you right, Cause I haven’t seen a lot of stuff about the game. Is it more of like a, uh, world of warships, just retro.

So I would imagine that’s probably what it’s gonna be like. Think I’m gonna enjoy it more because in world of warships, once again, we go back to that pay to win world of warships. You can spend 50, $60 on the currency and get an overpowered boat and everybody, Yeah. And you can, you can murder everybody out there with a decent battleship.

Whereas the people like us that go through and progress through the fucking, the tier, the tier boats, and you won’t get the same boat that they. And you cannot launch what they got going on, nor can you take the damage that they can. So I feel like hopefully with this you be soft. Don’t add in micro transactions to where you can spend money to upgrade your boat to make it better.

Skins, like I said before, is okay, it’s whenever you get into performance, that’s whenever things get a little bit. Messed up. Yeah. Pay to win type of, Yeah, and I agree Dorsey. I mean, I think when you get to the, the pay to win stuff, I think that’s when you lose me and lose you as well. Um, but yeah, no, I’m pretty excited about it.

Kj, did you have any thoughts or did you, did you figure out what you were trying to research over there? Yeah, I was looking to see, I was looking to see if you could get off the boats, but I guess you can’t. I guess it is like a world of war type type of deal. Cuz previously when I first saw it, it was like sea of thieves, but real.

You know sweet thieves, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, you get a , and I know we all know about Steves. Yeah. I’m not gonna hit you with the joke, but Yeah. Where you would get off the boat, you explore, there’s plenty of islands, there’s small islands, there’s events in the world that happened. But I think it’s just like, uh, you sail around until you find someone else and shoot.

Now, are you still cool with that? It don’t matter to me. I’m gonna play the game regardless of if it’s, you know, me getting off the boat or me staying on the boat. I think you can move around on the boat and like go through and I think you can go on other people’s ships, but other than that, I think it’s just you sail and your crew and you don’t get off the boat.

Maybe. I’m not too sure. I’ll have to put more investigation into it though. Well, okay. I think that’s what you’re gonna be here. I think you’re gonna be our, our investigator here going forward. Um, but did anybody have any closing remarks? Uh, about, uh, almost at Sea Theses, uh, Skull and Bones. So we’ll move on to another title.

Uh, one of the games I’m really looking forward to comes out, I believe at the end of next month, the God wore racking rug. It comes out beginning, Oh, the beginning of next month. Okay. November 8th on this. Um, yeah. No. So we’ll all dive into it. Did, did y’all wanna share your opinions first and then come back to me to conclude Dorsey?

Well, like I said earlier, single player games, not my cup of tea, so I don’t think I’ll be getting this one. I do believe I will leave it to KJ and Dion to tell me how great it is and you know, unfortunately, eventually they will convince me and I will buy it and I’ll probably play an hour of it and tell them that it was dog water.

That I deleted it and they would tell me how much of a bad decision that was. But I’m gonna toss it over to kj cuz I’m sure he is got a better opinion of this game. When I finished the very first God of War that came out, what was it in like 20, 20 18, right? Yeah. I, uh, you know, I played it, played it for a bit.

I know it’s a whole open world thing where you’re jumping through different area. Yeah, that’s, that was a pretty cool thing. I played it, I got to one part where it was, I don’t know what it was, but it was a part that really, really blew the shit outta me. Oh, it was Dark Hills, I think it was. I know we went through and then we were on a, we were on like a paddle boat and we kind of went through some place and it blew, it blew shit outta me.

But I do know Thor’s gonna be in this one, and he, he looks like he’s about to, he’s about to fuck some shit up. He looks bad to the bone. And I don’t know how our, I don’t know how our boy’s gonna handle him. He’s handled everybody else though, including Zeus. Yeah. I, I, I think if he can beat Zeus, I, I, I, I don’t think Thor is gonna be any problems.

Uh, you know, I, I think, I think Oan right? The, the Oin is gonna be the real, you know, you shown that pass. Oh, and on, on that one. Um, I, I’m really excited for the, uh, for the son’s arc in this one. He is older. Um, uh, Treys is his name. I was blanking on his name for a second. Um, but he is also Lokey. Yeah. Right.

So that’s, that’s, that’s a huge thing. Um, and he’s a big part of Ragner Rock too, right? You know, facts, loki’s. The whole reason basically, Ragner Rock happens. Yeah. Facts. Saw that in the movie. Yeah. There’s two wolves. Yeah. Uh, that’s the other thing too, right? Yeah. Um, that’s the other thing too, right? He’s like the, the father of, of skull and moti, right?

The, the two wolves that chased the sun, um, and of, uh, the big of the world, serpent, Uh, I forget he has a name too. I can’t remember. Try again. Yurman down there. That that is it. Um, yeah. So, uh, so yeah, so I, I, I think that’s gonna be a great, great title. Um, and I’m really looking forward to it. Did you have a game that you’re really looking forward to?

The game came out not too long ago. It came out on the 18th, the Ghostbusters game. That game looks, it looked incredible, dude. I played the last, I played the Ghostbusters, the original one that came out on the Xbox 360. I played the hell outta that one. Then when they remastered it, I played the shit out of it.

And then , they brought a new one out where they’ve got, they’ve got Dan Aros in it. They got the guy that played Winston. He’s in it too, but it’s a, it’s basically a team of four. And then I’m assuming somebody, somebody plays as a ghost and you go to hunt the ghost.  Dallas is doing the whole thing, but it’s a team game.

So it’s a game you’ll like. It’s basically like dead by daylight, I’m assuming, I’m assuming is what it looked like. But it looks uhoh. You know who played by, played dead by daylight? Who? Not me. That’s who . You know why? Why? Because I’ve watched all the YouTubers play it. And I can tell you right now, that’s a game for there’s, there’s no point facts.

There’s really no point to play that game. Facts. What about Ghostbusters? I don’t see a point playing that either. It looks stupid. It’s all get out. It really does. Hunting. Ghost hunt, Ghost hunt, ghost. Who wants to play? Damn. Yeah. You, you want to what? No, and and it’s funny too cause I saw him in the store the other day and I literally said to myself, Cause I was sitting down here in my basement, we were recording, uh, there’s nobody else down here usually.

And, uh, hopefully . But no, I was literally, I was sitting here talking to myself about it and I was like, Who in love? Fuck. It’s gonna buy that. And apparently kjs the only one. Kjs the only one. Have you bought it yet? No, but it’s 40. It’s $40. And I thought about it. $40. Hell yeah. It’s cheaper than every other goddamn game that’s come out.

Fuck you, . You know why it’s $40? Why? Cause no one wants the fucking game. That’s why. That’s why they made it for, Yeah. $40. $40 for a brand new game when every other dollar, Every other game. $70. That’s why. That’s why the game’s $40. That’s the same reason MX versus atv, the new one. That’s why it was cheaper.

Cuz it was garbage. It was garbage. I lagged so bad. I glitched so bad. It’s because it’s garbage. That’s why. Yeah. I’m big. When MX versus ATV loved it growing up. I got that one. Terrible. That’s why Ghostbusters is so cheap cuz they know nobody wants it. How do you know? Because it’s cheap. Who? Who cares? Me?

That’s who cares. It’s cheap. Four night’s free. And it’s way better than Ghostbusters. . Miss me on that bullshit. That game’s ass. No, So, so I, I, I, I’ve now realized that nobody should take game recommendations from KJ because his games are absolutely awful to recommend got. So here’s a fun fact for you. No.

Here’s a fun fact for you. So here’s how I know KJ Games recommendations are garbage. He’s even saying right now they’re dog shit. Every game that this dude. Recommended me to buy. I get it played for, play it for about 15 minutes, and I kid you not. I’m ready to kill myself. I’m ready to kill myself. , break my system.

Pc, it doesn’t matter. It’s garbage. Starred U Valley said it was the best game ever, gang and game ever. He says banging still. Some of you all might like it, but I’m telling you now, it was the worst game I have ever played. I liked it. Did I like it? I hated it. I hated that game, Dude. Half the games that this man releases, I have to sit there for 10 minutes asking him, Are you sure?

Do you really think I will like it? And eventually we’ll get to the root of the problem. And he goes, Honestly, don’t buy it. You’re, you’re gonna hate it. And then you’re gonna talk trash to me about how bad it is, right? So, Some of the games that he might recommend are terrible, but food, if he recommends food, he’s not lying.

He’s got good recommendations there. I say, I didn’t realize we were getting ready to talk about food, so let’s stay on top of it a little bit here and keep people in the games. But, uh, yeah, no, I, I think, I think , , I think, uh, I, I think I will say kj, I, I, if it was free, I would try it. I’m not spending $40 on it.

I. On the PlayStation Pass, they might put it on the plays. Pla you are right. You’re right. But yeah. So let’s, uh, let’s, let’s switch topics on now to, uh, we talked about some of the game releases. We like, uh, let’s talk about news. I don’t know if, if you, the viewer or listener has heard about this, um, excuse me, uh, Xbox has, or Xbox has tried to get to join their game.

Excuse me, uh, system. And, uh, PlayStation says, No, they will not allow them to put Game Pass on the store and be usable on the PlayStations. What, uh, do you guys have any thoughts on this at all? Do you guys think Game Pass is better than than PlayStation’s version? I know for a fact, I know for a fact game pass for Xbox is a hundred times better than the shit we got.

I used to play Xbox all the time. They have 360 games coming out with the Game Pass. They’ve got more, they’ve got, they just put out the new fours a game. Remember when you played that? It was on Game Pass. Brand new games come out on the game pass day one four free, and you get to play them. That’s nuts.

So here’s something I will. So all of us here, pretty much PlayStation, diehard fans, that’s all that we get. We’ve all had the PS three ps4, PS five, except for kj. No, PS five for him yet. Not yet working on it. We’re getting, But for me and kj, we both have pc, but he has a BC it’s before Christ. It was when it was made.

Deion, he has an Xbox, but uh, for us with the PC, it really doesn’t matter cuz we can get the game pass on that as well. So we get that expanded. That’s the main reason, probably why I purchased a pc because at one point I had the PS4 and the Xbox One. But there was no point. I only got the Xbox One exclusively for Forza Facts, so I ended up getting a PC after KJ convinced me.

It hasn’t been turned on in a couple months, but years it’s, it’s brand new. Okay, you guys pc, excuse me, but we can get the game pass on that. Now, KJ might not be able to play the games on there, but I can play ’em with Dion. He’s on Xbox. I’m on pc, but we can play together. So am I pressed about PlayStation?

Not giving two shits about the game pass. No, because I get it anyways since I have the pc. So I, I will say, cause I have a PS five and then Xbox Series S, right? That’s not the X. The X is the X is the big black one. Yeah, yeah. Um, but yeah, so I. I, I get it right cuz I have both. But I know there are some people who aren’t as privileged to own a gaming PC and a PS five or a PS five and an Xbox.

Uh Yep. If you’re not privileged enough, it means you’re not working. Facts. Sure. I mean, but I know there’s probably some people out there who, who maybe are, are kids or, or college students that are unemployed. If you’re a kid and you’re listening to this, it’s explicit . Okay. There’s, there’s a reason why there’s an e beside.

33 minutes. We don’t know that because I mean, if, if you. Don’t have a a means to getting things because you’re a child, you’re, you’re not ready for the games that we play anyways. Or, or these conversations. Yeah. Or these conversations because I mean, obviously it’s, uh, rated mature. Yeah. And if you can’t do the mature things, then maybe sitting, you’re sitting here drinking beverages.

Yeah, I’m sitting here. Even the, even the intro says, Enjoying your beverage. If you can’t get a beverage, maybe it’s not for you, it’s okay. But I’m gonna toss it over to kj. He said he is got something for you. I do, I do. I do, I do. It is, uh, a little off topic, but we just talked about it. Game releases that are, Yes.

The Dead space remaster? Yes. Have you seen that? Yes, we have. Yeah, Dude, that game looks incredible. Then the Calisto protocol that that’s coming out at the end of the year is, is that gonna be free on the, on the new version or, Honestly, I guarantee if it comes out on Game Pass, it’s going to be free. I bet.

$40? No, I’m not too sure what dead space looked like. Dead space is an Xbox. Mm-hmm. They’re, they’re remastering it for pc, I think PlayStation and, and Xbox. Maybe an nten switch, because you gotta give them love too. They ain’t getting shit besides Mario. Dude, Mario and rabbits. Dude. Are you kidding me? No.

But yeah, I was, I remembered that one, that one really? That that’s po that spun me. Yeah, what you got? What do you got? So I got a fun fact for you. A game coming out on a new age console. If it costs $40, don’t buy it. I’m gonna shoot you straight. It’s a game not worth buying. You see $40, that means it’s garbage rushed and.

Just bad. It’s just gonna be full of glitches most likely. And either it’s full of glitches or the graphics are gonna be terrible for $40 70. And, and to kind of follow that solid that Dallas said, you know, talking about graphics, do you guys think that, I don’t know why we keep burping, but we keep dragging beverages.

That’s probably why we keep bourbon. Um, but. Do you guys feel like games that are, are ports, right, that come out on PS4 and PS five or Xbox One and the Xbox Series, uh, consoles? Do you feel like they need to stop doing that now because we’ve had the next gen consoles for a couple years? So here’s my thing.

I don’t, coming from somebody that used to be on a older console. And worried about games coming out that I wouldn’t be able to play with my friends because it was gonna be an exclusive. I feel like there should be the releases where it’s on both. I feel like that’s good. Mm-hmm.  helps me. Yeah. But I think we could get rid of the cross play between PlayStation, Xbox, PlayStation, pc, and so on, so forth.

I’m okay with just playing with PlayStation players. If I wanted to play with PC players, I’d get it on the pc. That is true. I have no need to play with these other people there. There’s no need. I’ll just play with the people on the system that I’m choosing to play on. There’s no need for the cross play.

Now, I do agree with cross play between PS4 and PS five, the Xbox One and the Xbox X. There shouldn’t be a reason. PlayStation to play with Xbox. I’m good with the console being within the same brand, but you shouldn’t just cross it like that. I don’t feel there’s a need for it. There’s enough players on each system to play together and I agree.

I think, I think in some circumstances, like if games are, are cross platform, like they are available on all systems, then I, I feel a little differently than Dallas. I. Let everyone play together. Um, but what I will say, that’s why you had your cross play , right? Yeah. That’s why my cross play off . But no, I, I, I will say here, and I, I think this is the biggest issue in gaming right now, full stop, is that if you still have a game on a PS four, you are not gonna get the best graphics on a PS five because it needs to be downgraded for a ps4 and, you know, to spend time doing that.

So what I’m ready for is we’re calling this generation now, we’re the current. Right. If it’s the current gen make games for the current generation, that’s fine at all. . But let’s explain the facts of the, how hard is it to get a PS five? It’s ridiculous. Yeah. They ex, they. Said that they were gonna get him out.

No. 500 bucks. Dude, I had to pay 800 for mine. Do you, do you wanna tell them that story? It was stupid. Yeah. You wanna tell ’em the story? Yeah. The story was, Deion thought he was gonna beat me. . Deion called my ass. Telling me, dude, I got the, I got into the early release Yeah. Release day. I’d be damned if I wasn’t at a Starbucks two hours away.

Buying one from a guy Yeah. In a, in the middle of Maryland. In Starbucks, buying one from a guy for $800 just to show ’em up, and that shouldn’t be a thing. Scalpers. That should be. Way outdated. But PlayStation needs to work on a way to get PS five s more readily available. They should be in Walmart’s, they should be in game stops on the shelves, not you walk into your Walmart and the only sign you see is we do not have PlayStations or Xbox X Series.

They’re not available. That is ridiculous. Well, and, and, and I know we haven’t let KJ talk for a minute, but we’ll let KJ talk here in a second. Um, but that’s the crazy thing though, is that like when I bought and bought my Xbox series, It was sitting there on the shelf, like I walked in and bought it.

Right. Was there an X there? No, there was no X there. Right. Yeah. But that’s the other thing though too, right? Is, and I will, you know, I don’t know, as our listeners here, I don’t know how devout gamers there are and how much money they have to spend, but the Xbox Series X is like 250 bucks, 300 bucks, and it still gets, I will say it’s not as good graphics wise as the X or the PS five, but you can still play those next gen title and it looks pretty good.

So I think that’s a cheaper route and a more available route. But yeah. Kj, did you have any thoughts on the next gen titles? You don’t have? You don’t have anything to say? Nothing. Okay. You have an next gen title? Well, yeah. I mean, he doesn’t own one yet. Now, Now can, can you talk to about maybe how, how hard it is to get one and how you feel about that?

Motherfucker. So check it. So, you know, I think, I think my old lady got her cons maybe, what, a year ago, year and a half. I have still, I’ve seen them and I, you know, I, shit, I’ve seen them online for expensive, expensive prices, but 800 for me. Yeah, 800 from you. But that’s besides a fucking point. It still doesn’t matter.

Every time I’ve walked into a Target or a Walmart or like a Best Buy, nothing, they ain’t got shit. Not a, not a thing. And I’m blown Two tiers in a bucket. Exactly. Two tiers in a bucket. But I think one time, one day when the time comes and it’s, everything settles out. Right. I’ll have one. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but whenever they get ’em back, I bet you I’ll got one.

Let’s be real. I don’t think Sony’s gonna have. PS five s on shelves by 2025. They won’t, There won’t be brand new ones. I guarantee you. I get one. I guarantee. I guarantee you I get one, but I guarantee you won’t be on the shelf. I guarantee I pay the same price I paid for this hunk of shit I got sitting on my table.

Well that’s the thing though too, right? Cause there’s now rumors talking about how PlayStation’s developing a PS five pro, a new control, right? And the new controller. I will say Dallas, we can talk about that now. Have you seen the new. I ain’t even seen it, but I guarantee you I buy it. Kj, can you pull it up on your phone and, and, and we can get, uh, Dallas’s live reaction here.

To what? To what it looks like. Oh, okay. Uh, Dallas has to use the bathroom, so he, he’ll be, he’ll be right back. No, you’re good. No, Yeah. Yeah. That’s the, that’s the plug. You’re good. Um, but yeah. Uh, kj, did you wanna pull up the controller real quick? And we can, uh, I think it’s PS five pro controller. If you wanna go ahead and Is it edge?

Is it an edge? Uh, no, I think it’s just the, the PS five PRO controller. Okay. Let me stop this motherfucker. Right. So we have it pulled up now. Um, Can you want me to show that to me and we can talk about it? Yeah. I, I will say I like the, the black and white design. It’s river medicine of the first controller, and I like all the paddles.

Aren’t the thumbs sticks like removable or something? I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty sure they are. I know you can re remap it looks like on the back you can remap your buttons to the, the paddles. I mean, that’s how a scuff controller was. I don’t, I mean, they’re customizable, so, um, I’m not too, too sure. I mean it.

The same as a PS five, just with the paddle on the back. Hmm. I mean, they come out next year and you can preorder ’em. Oh wow. You can preor ’em at the end of the month. And what is it in three days? That’s not too bad. You don’t look too bad. Look, I mean, if you’re into like Call of Duty and stuff. Yeah. I, I, I think if you’re into Call of Duty and if you’re into games where you need the extra buttons to, you know, get good, um, then I, I think, I think it’s worth it.

Um, Dallas, do you wanna share your opinion? Scuff controllers look like this for years. That’s, that’s, I’m gonna shoot you straight. I bought a Xbox with the Xbox Pro controller. I don’t know about the Xbox Pro controller. I don’t look into that, but I can tell you I bought a little thing from Walmart, from my PS4 controller that had paddles underneath of it that you could link to any button on your controller.

And that worked. That worked just the same. It looks the same. If you’re gonna get this, I would compare the price between this and a scuff controller, honestly. 50. Yeah. And it’s probably gonna be around a hundred, 150 bucks, um, if not more. Um, which I, to me, the controllers are already, what, 60 bucks and then 70 bucks for the camo ones and all that.

Um, so I, I, I don’t know if it’s really worth it. I will say I’ve had like thumbs stick issues. Dorothy, have you had thumbs stick issues with the ps? I have not had that, but I have had the issue of where my anger takes the best of me and I break it in half. I have had that problem and I, it has cost me the 60 or 70 bucks that, uh, controller costs.

So for me, buying an expensive controller, Really doesn’t help me because if I get mad and I snap one of those paddles off, I’m kind of really shortchanged. But say the new PlayStation comes with one of those. That would be a better option because if I break that, then I’ll just use my old controller and I’d feel better about it.

No, I agree, man. Um, but yeah, it, it, it’s really niche I think, to me, and it, and it’s for people who like playing the professional leagues and I think, I think that need that extra customizability, um, The extra buttons to map and all that stuff. Um, kj, did you have any other thoughts on the controller? No. Um, well guys, it is running up here on our time.

Thank you guys for listening. Uh, any closing remarks? Guys? Don’t get that fucking controller. That’s my only closing remark. I think hamburgers and cheeseburgers work well with fries. I think you said it best guys. Well, I’ve been Deon, that’s been Dorsey, That’s been kj, and this has been the Gigi podcast.

Thank you guys. God bless. See you all next time.