GG podcast ep 1 pt. 1 Transcript

[00:00:00]¬†Hello everyone. This is the first hour episode of the G Podcast. If you do not know that stands for Good Games. My name is Deon Lavar Satchell. I am your host, one of three co-hosts here on the podcast. To my left is kj, and on my right is Dallas Dorsey. KJ, would you like to introduce yourself? What’s going on?

My name is KJ. They call me Greek God in the street. Playing games for about 20 years now. I’m gonna hand it over to Dorsey now so he can introduce himself. You know, I always come last, except for in the Sack. Come first. There name’s Dorsey. Been playing games. I don’t know, I shoot it about 15 years maybe.

It has to be. I started on PS one, PS two original Xbox. At one point we had a 64, but I don’t quite remember that. Just a wee little sperm cell. But, uh, you can find me on Twitch DallasDD 121. I don’t stream too much now. I live out in the middle of nowhere, no internet. But if you follow KJ, which he didn’t plug it, [00:01:00] which is this freaking guy, which I know that’s gonna be hard to look up.

It looks like a burning Elmo. But that’s him. But I usually, if we’re streaming, we’re streaming together. So if you see him, I’m usually there, but I’m gonna give it to Dion. He’s gonna kick things off for us. Thank you Dallas. I really appreciate that. And that was great, man. Um, but yeah, kj, I mean, both of you don’t have twitches.

I don’t want to hear at the moment. Uh, but if you guys would like to see that, please put that down in the comments and uh, we can all probably stream together at some point. Yeah, you’re over here at the casa. Um, yeah. Too bad you can’t stream dude, cuz you live out in the middle of nowhere. But yeah, so on.

Podcast. I know you guys are probably sitting here like, What the hell are these guys talking about? But yeah, on today’s podcast we will be talking about some of our favorite games of all time, Right guys? And some of our least favorite games of all time, right? Yeah, correct. Cool. All right. Yeah. So I’m gonna go ahead and kick things off with my favorite game of all time by far, which is NCAA 14 college football.

I think it was great. I had a great dynasty mode, had a great road to glory mode. Uh, that was the first ever, uh, football game with ultimate. I believe so, uh, ultimate team was a huge thing back then. So, uh, the game was really flushed out and really deep. [00:02:00] Um, literally spent summers playing with my cousin, playing with myself.

But yeah, that was probably one of my favorite games of all time. . Y’all are dumb, I’m glad y’all couldn’t see what they were doing. But, uh, yeah. Uh, so KJ would you like to explain what, uh, your one are your favorite games of a timer? So, my number one game is Dark Souls Three, just because I remember when it came out it was pretty, pretty good looking game.

I’d played, I’d played two for a bit, and then I played one on the Xbox 360, and I wasn’t a big fan of one. I’m not gonna confront you. And then I played two. Two sucked. Two really, really sucked, but three best game of all time besides some other things. But what about you Dorsey? What you, what you got? I ain’t going front.

Your KJ Tried to get me to them. Dark Souls games, They ain’t it. They ain’t hitting on much. They’re about, They made me rage. I didn’t even go front you, but my top game would probably be. Black ops too, just for the [00:03:00] simple fact of the zombies on there was unmatched. Buried was the best map to ever come out, in my opinion.

Whether it be Leroy running around doing crazy things, or the damn witches chasing you. Or just the glitches in the map that you could do with the wonder weapon that was hands down one of the best. Yeah, so I mean, we can keep talking about our favorite games if you guys want to. Um, one of my other favorite games of all time is probably Skate.

I really enjoy skate, um, Skate Skate’s. Great. No, I love skate. I, I think it’s one of those games where you can literally just get on there and play for hours and, and have. Other thing to do. Um, also like the later skate games had multiplayer, right? So, so you could, you hop on there with your friends and, and just shred up, shred.

Um, but how you gonna talk about state, right? Yeah. You remember this Tony Hawk game that had the damn. Controller skateboard. That was, No, that was, that was pretty great. Um, that was, that was pretty solid slick. That was slick. No, it definitely was pretty slick, man. I, I, Let me ask this before we get into more of our games.

Um, are you guys [00:04:00] excited for the new skate game, Dorsey, you first? I, I do believe I will be playing the hell out of it. And, and, and do you guys like that it’s gonna be a freed live service game, or do, do you think it’d be better as. Standalone send hour title. Uh, well, you know someone who works their ass off all the time.

Free. You already had me. You, you had me with the, whenever you started with the F and the R. Okay. It was, and then I said, Okay, I’ll download it. Sounds good. With two kj, what is your thoughts on the new, uh, skate game? Uh, not skate four. Right. As a lot of people thought it was gonna be called just skate.

Unfortunately, honestly, I think, I think it’ll be pretty good. It’ll be, it’ll be nice to see another skate game come out after, I don’t know how many years. Like, like five or six. Wasn’t it? It was, it was quite a bit of time, a while. I remember playing that in middle. And I dropped out in high school. So that tells you something.

That definitely tells us all something, but . But yeah, no, uh, so yeah, I’m really excited about the skate game. Uh, but that’s diving in the news, right? Let’s get back into some more games. Um, kj, [00:05:00] what is your, probably another one of your favorite games of all time? I think it’s, uh, the Marvel Spider-Man game.

I think that was, that was up there. That was up that was up there. Platinum, that one. And then played the Miles Morales one that came out not too long ago. Excited for the second. Definitely excited for the second one. Me too. Definitely, definitely excited about the second one. Um, also excited about the Wolverine game and that that as well.

Um, I’m glad we’re doing a podcast cuz Dorsey just gave me the craziest face of all time, but no, Uh, Dorsey, what about you? What is another favorite game of yours of all time? I think second up for me, it’s gonna have to be the original crash band Coot. I remember. Got many memories playing that with my sisters on the PlayStation two.

The fat one, not the skinny one, the one that was indestructible. I can’t think of how many times it fell off of the dresser and didn’t break. I couldn’t imagine you doing that with the ps4. PS five today, and it’s surviving. I mean, that thing probably dropped about 20 times in its lifetime and still played every time that we turned it on.

But [00:06:00] just sit there playing that collecting all the lump of fruit. Dying all the fucking time. That was, that was something, And I always wondered as a kid, I don’t know if you guys ever wondered this, but what the, what the hell did Wampa fruit taste like? Dude, they had the air fresher. They did. I mean, that told you what it smelled like.

Right? Do you remember what the Wampa fruit air freshener smelled like? And I bet you it’s like a mango. I, I bet you it is very, very reminiscent of a mango. Kj Did Jeff, I know. G, You’ll put out a Wampa fruit flavor. It. I wouldn’t taste it again. It’s, no, it’s pretty good. I’ve had the gfu wampa fruit and I pray to God the fruit don’t taste like that Sometimes energy companies get their fruit flavors messed up and I hope that’s one of ’em.

I think we just killed a deal with g4. I don’t think our gfu, sorry. Uh, I don’t think we have any sponsorship with them anyway, but um, Probably won’t get one monster’s better anyway. No, I definitely think Monster is the better. Is this a pure energy drinker? But yeah. So, uh, yeah, no. Do you guys wanna talk about a third favorite video game of all time?

Did you guys have a third? I got one. I don’t know if he’s got one. Yeah. Are we good? Okay. So [00:07:00] probably for me, I, I, I think, uh, I talk about skate, talk about, uh, ncaa. I think Assassin Preed is probably up there. I think the whole series is really good. I don’t like this new direction they’re going in, um, with kind of this rpg, uh, aesthetic, um, Did you guys have thoughts on that at, at at all?

I do. I’d like to say that I haven’t played the new, the new ones that came out, like Valla and, what was it? Origins and Ass, uh, Odyssey. But honestly, they looked, they looked pretty good and I know they just came out on PlayStation Plus not too long ago. They kind of released all of the Assassins Creeds and remastered them as well.

But I might have to, I might have to play Valla just because it looked. Pretty fun. Do you think, Doris, do you think Assassin’s Creed, I’m gonna shoot y’all straight. The last Assassin’s Creed that was ever worth anything was probably black flagging. That’s because you could, you could drive a pirate ship.

I mean, anything other than that. The last ones that I’ve played, unfortunately I paid for ’em and I hated every one of them. [00:08:00] I got about an hour into it and I said, Well, it’s gone now. It got deleted, never to be seen again. You can always look at it. You ain’t looking at nothing. I’m never downloading. I can’t download again.

it takes me 20 hours to download an Assassin’s Creed. What’s the point now? So that’s my thoughts on that. So, real quick, I have a question for you, Dorsey. Uh, what, what, in your mind was a, was a perfect Assassin Creek game? Does it exist or is it a kind of a hos positive of, of multiple Assassin Creek games?

I mean, I never really got too much into ’em. Like I said, Black Flag was probably the only one for me and that’s just cuz I could drive a big ass boat with Cannons shit. But some of the early Assassins Creeds were all right. I enjoyed the fact that you could dive out of a tall ass structure into a hay ba and that was cool.

You lived, you’d get up and stab somebody. That was all right. The new ones. Yeah. Nah, they ain’t it. I don’t even do the task. I load in, see the [00:09:00] marker, run away, delete the game. Yeah. And I, I think that’s the big downfall of the newer games too. Right? I think they’re, they’re too big and, and, and, and too boring.

Right. I, I think to, to put it simply. Um, and I think the, the other thing that was cool about the, um, the older games too was, was the history, right? The, the, the history that you, that you got to experience, uh, the historic characters that you got to meet. I think it was, I. Creed three. Were you with the Native American and you got to meet like George Washington and, and uh, all the like founding fathers.

That was super cool. Kay. Did kj did you have any other thoughts about Assassin Creed or did you wanna get into your, into your, uh, next game? So I think, I wouldn’t call it a perfect Assassin’s Creb, but I think, I think Unity probably, I played the most of dude, Dylan will be on shortly, but

yeah, I think, I think be between. B Black flag in Unity. Since Unity had co-op, I think. I think probably that was the best one. See, that’s my big thing. How so? [00:10:00] My big thing is, is I don’t enjoy single player games like I used to. Yeah. Hmm. I just don’t choose to play them. If I can’t play with somebody, I don’t find it as enjoyable to just sit around by myself and do dumb stuff that now Assassin’s Creed, if the Vaha had a co-op.

That been pretty, Maybe I could play with either KJ or Dion. That would be something I’d be interested in. But single player games, they’re kind of phased out anymore. I don’t find them fun. I do know a game that we will be playing now. Yeah. And I, I agree with you, Dallas. I think single player games are not as popular anymore as they used to be because I think people like us three, right?

We have, most people have friends, um, and they, they enjoy playing video games with their friends. Right. Um, but I, I, I still think there’s somewhere in the market that, that people. Single player experiences. Yeah. Um, but it’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s a dying breed. Yeah. Like a 40 year old in their mom’s basement might want to play by himself.

That’s embarrassing. I’d wanna play by myself too. [00:11:00] Yeah. Uh, I don’t even know what to say that, but, uh, but no. Yeah. Um, yeah, I think it has in Creed has, has a lot of work to do. Are, are you guys excited about their future titles? Have you seen their future titles are coming out with one? I don’t remember what, what the new one’s called.

It was like Mirage, right? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. That one looks pretty. But single player games though. But we’re gonna go back to that real quick. No, you’re good. I can, I can play the hell out of a single player game if it’s, That’s cuz you’re like 40 in a year old spot. I’m probably, Who else smokes Marble Reds at Point , but it’s me.

It’s me, man. But yeah, I don’t know. There’s, there’s some games out there. Decent, like negative marveled guard into the galaxy. I played cyberpunk. I I didn’t really enjoy the game, but I still played it fall out. Four. That was pretty good. New Vegas. Uh, three. Uh, some of the need for speeds before they had multiplay annual games.

I’m talking about news, New games, it doesn’t matter. Single player games. Uh, [00:12:00] Red Dead, Red Dead’s campaign. The original Red Dead. Oh, I’m not talking about campaigns. I’m talking about exclusive. You’re talking about what woman? Say that one more time. I’m not talking about campaigns. Red Dead Campaign. Nasty.

Yeah. Delicious busing. I’m not talking about Grand Theft Auto campaign. I’m not talking about a campaign in a fucking game. I’m talking about single. Player only is dead. No, see it is. Nobody wants to play by themselves. No. Gimme the mic, dude. No, no, no. Listen, listen, listen. Think about it. You, you got a game, right?

Nobody’s on. What are you gonna play? I would play by myself. I play Tetris . You’d play Tetris. You would play Tetris of all the games if I wanted to play by myself. Dude, there are so many games out there you could play. You know it. besides like say, if I’m not on, I thought about playing a single player game once.

What? God of war. Yeah. How’d that go? Supposed to be [00:13:00] busting new. It was, Oh, was it? The next one comes up, I got an hour into it and I said, Useless . Left hand. Left hand. Exactly. Useless as my left hand deleted it. Single player games. There’s a group of us out there. Fact, They will never work for facts. Single player games just ain’t for everybody.

You gotta be a psycho to play ’em. Um, so let’s talk about something that I love, uh, thoroughly is sports games. I, I know, uh, the two other guys here don’t play sports games as much as I do. I know Dorsey, uh, used to, uh, Dorsey, you wanna dive into that? Why you don’t play them anymore? I, I don’t play sports games anymore because Madden has been the same game for the last 10 years and two k.

Other than them adding the, what’s it called now? The city? Mm-hmm. . It’s the park on steroids. It’s the same game, same graphics for the last 10 years. No point in buying it. I mean, if I wanted to play it, I would just download the previous games that I’ve already purchased and I’d get the same experience.

There’s [00:14:00] no point. And I mean, I still thoroughly enjoy them, but this year, it was the first year in p about about 18 years, um, that I haven’t bought any, um, sports titles like any new ones, which is. But two k to me, like what drove me away from two K for example, uh, was the micro transactions. Like if you wanna buy a pair of Jordans for your dude to go sit in the in the thing, it’s like 20,000 vc.

They tell a micro check this out. The last two K, me and Deion played together. I kid you not. I dropped about $200. Yeah, and the VC on that, My player, No, I upgraded attributes. I don’t give a damn if I’m still wearing the rock, the brown, I’ll rock the brown shirt and the gray sweatpants to the end, but I could you not, you catch me anywhere on the three point line and I’m draining it.

Yeah, but it’s the same game. I blew all that money for the same game, all the micro transactions, everything, and all I did was upgrade my guy. So I mean, I’m just tired of games to where the micro transactions are actually beneficial to the [00:15:00] performance of what you can do, skins and whatnot. That’s okay, but if you’re.

Paying to win. That’s where you kind of lose me. And, and I think, uh, not to cancel out kj, we’ll give KJ the microphone to here in one second. But, uh, that’s, that’s exactly how I feel too. Um, if you wanna go buy a Michael Jordan jersey and it’s 200,000 VC and somebody feels like spending that on that, great.

But to spend 300,000 VC to make your jumper go from a 60 to a fucking 70, which I did. Right. You know, which you did, but it, it makes no sense to me. Right. That it, it has to be, it has to be this way and it has to be, um, so micronized, Right. Um, and I think it’s a problem even in, in Madden, right? You look at, you look at, uh, their online modes for that, um, in ultimate team you have to buy the cards and you have to use real money.

Okay. Do you have any thoughts, I don’t know how often, uh, you play sports games, but do you have thoughts play sports? I think the last sports game I played was in 2016. It’s 2022. You’re a liar. You played PGA facts, but I didn’t, We’ve, we’ve played [00:16:00] that relatively, but that’s, from then back, it was only Madden.

That was the only game I played. I didn’t, there was no, I think NBA two K 16 as well, but, . That was, that was just a play to have something to do. But other than that, I don’t, I don’t really play sports games. I play everything else besides that. What about you, Deion? No, I mean, like I said, I, I, I thoroughly enjoy sports games.

But Is, is there like a defiant reason, kj, why you don’t play sports games? Do you just not find sports games enjoyable or do you not watch sports in real life? I don’t really watch, I mean, I watched, I used to watch sports all the. You watch, like I wouldn’t watch nascar, but you know, I don’t, you know, it’s just, I, it’s one of those like, not really my cup of tea.

I just don’t find it interesting. We can go to the track and watch nascar, but I’m not watching a bunch of dudes wrestle. On a field for a ball . And that’s facts. [00:17:00] I, I think that was a great conclusion. Doris. Doris, did you have something else you wanted to say before we go into the next segment now? I never watched any basketball, any, hardly any NFL really.

But I still played Madden. I still played two K, and I don’t know if it was just because my friends were playing it or what, but I still played it, even though I could give two shits about who won. Who’s this? I still. For who knows why, but I will say NASCAR heat Five bang. That’s the new one. No, no, the not ignition.

No, not ignition. Ignition is garbage. NASCAR heat Five. You catch me in KJ on Bristol. You’re done. Facts. We’re put, We’re putting you down six feet. It’s over.